#JusticeForSaulJean #ProtectHumanRights #ProtectCivilRights

    This world is filled with tyranny. The things that other people have done to him for publicity. They took the petition he had with the hate crime against him. Note : The hate crime against him is still going on. He just does not know how to go about it at all. Everything that was said on that petition actually happened to him within the past couple of years. The police retaliation/harassment against him. Saul couldn't even go back to college with his oppressors coming for him. It's systemic oppression. Systemic racism. Saul has never tried to play the victim with anything at all. It's literally what others in the community have been showing to him. If he has a body cam on him for the past couple of years, there'd be more than enough evidence to prove the hate crime against him. He was standing up for his human rights and civil rights. He's filed complaints of all caliber. They violated the Ralph Act. None were addressed nor was he helped. He addressed that on his petition before it got taken down. They're not even trying to give him a chance to better his life, which he was doing so. Saul does not make music under the moniker as Saulomon Grundy anymore. Saul is not looking for a pity party but he knows when other people in the community have been taking things too far. He's not the type to get into politics. He's fully aware of all life being fragile. He's a humanitarian to the fullest.

    Saul is not trying to be corny with his situation but literally most people have the wrong impression on him. Saul does not like incarceration either. Saul was just trying to change Florida for what it is. Saul does not want to have to cut his hair either. It's literally been unfair treatment on his end since the beginning of his discrimination.

    Saul's the type to be there for most people but no one tries to stand for him.

    Saul Jean has a bright future ahead of him. A man who is extremely grateful to be alive. He has many things to be grateful for. He plays video games. He watches anime and cartoons to keep in touch with his inner child. A man who is misconstrued many times. Here's a bit of his life story, especially with academics. In 2nd grade, he came in 2nd place in his school's spelling bee. This was at Edison Park Elementary. He had his 2nd grade teacher Ms.Delouise. He was 7 years old. He played on his school's basketball team in 4th grade at WJ Bryan. Jefferey, the security guard was his coach. He was 9 years old. He was a 5000 role model at WJ Bryan Elementary. His teachers were Ms.Spann-Brazil and Mr.Nunez. He was 10 years old. He had straight As in the first half of his freshman year in high school. This was at Alonzo & Tracy Mourning Senior High. He had a 3.667 weighted GPA and a 3.167 unweighted GPA. He had Mr.Orekhov who was his English 1 Honors teacher. He had Mr.Harris who was his Algebra 1 Honors teacher. He had Ms. Rosenbaum who was his physical education teacher, 3rd period. He had Ms. Dubowsky who was originally his World History teacher before he changed his schedule. To a physical science teacher for 4th period. He had Ms.Callum who became his World History Honors teacher after changing his schedule, 5th period. The thing is he had straight As academically. But he did not make honor roll because of a C in conduct in her class. He had Ms. Telefort who was his intensive reading teacher, 6th period. She would help the students prepare for the FCAT so they could get a high score. Before the FSA, there was the FCAT. He was 14 years old. What bothered him throughout the 4 years of high school was that he was not able to maintain his high GPA. He had to take Edgenuity in night school to graduate 12th grade. Saul graduated in 2016. His graduation ceremony took place at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami. He met and shook Alonzo Mourning's hand and received his diploma. He's been to prom. He's been to grad bash. One of his biggest mistakes/regrets was not going to college right away. Because the system has been trying to get him. He was traveling to different states, making music with friends from the past. He wanted to pursue his path as a recording artist. Saul has only been to Dallas-Fort Worth Texas Airport & Las Vegas, Nevada airport. He has never actually been around in those states. Those were just pit-stops to Oregon. He's been to Oregon before. He's been to a couple cities there. Beaverton, Eugene, Hillsboro & Portland. His first time traveling to a state was back in Georgia. He was only 18 then. The second time was when he was 20. His trip to Oregon. By age 22, that's when he started to notice the hate crime in Florida against him. The same time he decided to cut his dreads off and regrow them back. It's been 3 years since then but he's not the stereotypical recording artist either. He was doing charitable donations as well. He's 25 now. He looks 17. But he's not 17.

    For the record, Saul is not holding any ties to the past.

    The thing Saul never had the greatest relationship with his family. With Saul doing his best to be a great brother, a great son, a great nephew and a great grandson his family shuns him. His family does not help or aid him with anything. They enjoy the fact that he's been down bad or been jammed. Making real and supportive friends has always been difficult too. They played a big part in his sabotage and self-sabotage his entire life. (His older brother has been watching him move his entire life and played a big part in it.) He's been homeless and unemployed.(Again, they are violating the Ralph Act). They're not even trying to give him a chance to better his life, which he was and is doing so. Saul does not make music under the moniker as Saulomon Grundy anymore. Saul would wear Solomon Grundy merchandise for a reason. So other people in the community could trust him.

    Saul would've made an excellent soldier for the army or the Marines.

    Saul is not mentally ill. He can easily take a mental health evaluation by a licensed pyschiatrist or psychologist to prove it. It's just been people and their mind games.

    Saul literally just wanted to spread new vibrations to the community with his music. In a positive manner. His intentions was not to put out music for free but he understands that life is short. He'd put out music for free on streaming platforms like SoundCloud. Saul was only making music because his friends in high school would gas him up about it.

    His music is for the gamers, the skateboarders, the anime bingewatchers and comic book fans. But Saul did not think people in this world was this crazy. He's already been through a lot growing up but this entire situation of his has spiraled out of control. Humans only respond to controversy, they never respond to negligence. Humans can be xenophobic to new ideas or concepts. Humans have a tendency to hate what they can't understand.

    Saul is like that guy in high school everyone knew or was cool with. That's how he wanted people to view him at least. Please show him extreme mercy & forgiveness. He's only one man.

    Saul apologizes deeply to every employer in the past. He didn't knew how great he had it until everything he had went missing. Saul would use his paychecks to fund for his music.

    Saul would wear Solomon Grundy merchandise for a reason. So other people in the community could trust him. Saul does not put people in a position where it jeopardizes their freedom nor where they are look down upon in society. Saul sincerely apologizes to everyone he's hurt emotionally in the past.



    Saul rather be in his own apartment complex playing on the PlayStation 5. A car.

    Saul is facing legal issues which can easily be dismissed. The Judge on Saul's case could be his grandfather. He'd ask them questions like "Are you a fan of Mark Hamill (voice of The Joker)" "Are you a fan of Kevin Conroy(voice of The Batman)?" "Are you a fan of Jim Carrey's The Riddler?" "Are you a fan of Michael Keaton's Batman?" "Are you a fan of Adam West's Batman?"

    He's never been a menace to society. It's been people's poor judgement of him. The defamation and tarnish on his reputation. Saul has never been the type to go look for trouble nor be in trouble. Once more, it's been the system and it's shenanigans. He wanted to start a new life elsewhere to get away from the craziness of his home state. It seems as if some people who have a hard time forgiving and showing mercy on others. They have a hard time seeking forgiveness and mercy from God.

    Saul doesn't mind talking to new people. He just doesn't know how to go about it these days. Because he does not have regular problems.

    Meaning he's adjusting to these new changes in his life. He's just as sensitive and empathetic as the next person.

    He's a black man with dreadlocks. He has two tattoos. Both on his left arm. He look young but he's not that young. He is of Haitian, Dominican & Panamanian descent according to his ister Sansulie Jean. Who soon to be an FIU Alumni. He has an older brother named Samuel Jean. Another sister named Genesis Jean. These siblings are on his dad side of the family. He has two other siblings on his mom side of the family.

    Look, it's apparent that none of his family members really like or love him. But business is business.

    King Saul of Florida. & Don't let DeSantis become president. Vote for Marianne Williamson. Department of Peace is a great idea. Or revote for Biden again.

    Saul wants to shout out Cornel West, Stephen Balkaran, Ben Crump, Dr. R.B Holmes Jr, Curtis Richardson, Dr. Chris A. Burne
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