Left to Die, These Tigers Drank from Muddy and Excrement-Filled Puddles

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  • destinatario: The Parliament of Ukraine
Tigers in birdcages. This may seem like the beginning of a riddle; for six tigers in Ukraine, unfortunately, it was their life until they were discovered and rescued.

Sign the petition and demand that Ukraine change its laws so that no more wild animals can be kept in captivity and possibly meet the same cruel fate!

When rescuers were alerted to the presence of six tigers trapped in ramshackle aviaries on an abandoned club's property, they were not prepared for the sad scene they found. Crammed into tiny spaces without an inch of clean, dry area, these tigers were starving. They were also dying of thirst, which led them to drink from puddles on the ground - puddles consisting mostly of mud and the tigers' own excrement.

These tigers were only found because they were screaming day and night, keeping neighbors awake. The Tiger Club, located Vodnikov Island in Kiev, had fallen into disuse, and its owner apparently fled abroad, although no one is quite sure where.

What this club owner did was abhorrent, but it begs the larger question - why were these poor, wild animals allowed to be kept in captivity at all? Under current Ukrainian law, it is completely legal to cage and keep a wild animal under the "right" conditions.

No condition is the "right" one for a wild animal in captivity! These poor tigers just barely escaped a slow, painful death. Ukraine must not allow these circumstances ever to repeat.

Please add your voice in the fight for Ukraine's wild animals. Sign the petition and ask the Parliament of Ukraine to make it illegal to own a captive, wild animal!
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