Josh Clark for the key to the city of Toledo

    Josh Clark is a native born from Toledo. I would like to reach out to finally get Josh Clark the key to the city of Toledo that he so well deserves. Josh has one of the highest rated podcasts, and the first one to achieve the level of downloaded 1 billion times, plus the End of the World podcast that truly terrifies and inspires us at the same time. The idea that he can research subjects and has the passion to make them fun and palatable for folks like us and children in classrooms to obtain new knowledge, this is the reason he deserves this accolade. You can’t entertain and educate a billion times over and not have your efforts noticed. of this, and once this is achieved, let’s work on getting them both the key to Atlanta. This petition will be sent directly to Mayor Kapzukiewicz of Toledo.
    firma la petición
    firma la petición
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