IMMEDIATE removal +charges on B​.​A. OFFICER- Felony abuse on happy BULLDOG

NOTE: This is ROY GOLDEN, NO RELATION to Ofc Mike Golden!!

{Video Link} 

Dear City of Broken Arrow, BAPD, TCSO, & ALL OTHER "POWERS-THAT-BE":

THIS is disturbing! This cop is a disgrace to the uniform & he and his God-syndrome needs to be sitting in PRISON! He is the perfect example of one of the few bad ones who give the good ones a bad reputation!

STAND UP AGAINST TASING, BEATING, CHASING so he can again attack w/MACE, & PULLING A GUN by an officer in a bad mood.


UPDATE: The BA Mayor condoned the vicious abuse! Smh!

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[NOT MY STORY, BUT THIS WITNESS HAS BEEN PRESSURED HEAVILY BY PD TO NOT SAY ANOTHER WORD OF THE INCIDENT - However still stands firm in the exact details of what happened & hopes others continue to share until justice is served.

1.The cop wasn't called out he lives there.
2. I'm his neighbor
3. He likes to leave his driver door open when he's loading up to leave for work in the morning, the dog got excited and jumped in his car. Officer____ got mad dog was in car and I watched from my yard, I witnessed him kicking and hitting the dog while yelling at it "hey dog, go dog" in a fit of rage over and over.

Officer was unsuccessful at removing the dog from vehicle and walked to his passenger side and opened it and climbed over and tased the dog several times while stating "Go dog, your lucky I don't just shoot you".

When he started tasing the dog that's when I got Involved. I started yelling to stop. He finally stopped. I ran inside and woke my husband up. (I have video of my husband getting the dog for him). He came outside, (now mind you this is after the dog had been beat and tased)- the dog was terrified, but never even bit my husband!

Officer ___ was accepting of our help, he gave a towel to my husband so he could use that to grab the dog. My husband successfully retrieved the dog out of his vehicle. And set the dog down, then the dog ran & jumped in the passenger side, so my husband again retrieved the dog.
AFTER all this, my husband goes inside to get a shirt on and I walk back to my yard- only for officer to keep antagonizing the dog!

This video [see] transpired after we got the dog for him. I kept telling Officer___ "stop, this is unnecessary". Then he tried to say "I have a wife and kids, this dog might attack" so I said "your kids are babies, they're not even out here, just go, I'll help the dog". At this point my husband had already made it back outside and he walked to the vehicle to try to get the dog to come out from under the car.....

PLEASE NOTE: the dog was bleeding from his head and was scared, so we were unsuccessful at retrieving the dog this time.

Then my husband tells him "just leave the dog alone, go to work and we will help it". This infuriated him and he said "get off my property", so I walked back to my yard and my husband walked to the curb while officer follow him. My husband then stated "I'm not letting you hurt that dog, so call the sheriff". Then the officer got mad again and withdrew his gun and was waving it around and walked toward the dog! When he got to the dog, he stopped and put it up.
I started yelling "that's so uncalled for, just leave". He looked at me and said "have a nice day" and got in his car and left.

The poor dog was then scared and ran and hid under another neighbors car.

Now, to give you all a little insight, this gets way worse...

My husband had posted that there were 3 dogs down by the pond area, so we were able to find the owners. Which I'm glad I did. When the owners tried to retrieve their dog, The dog was afraid to even come to them.

This entire thing started about 7:00am.

Here's where it completely rubbed us wrong... Not only was this animal abuse and brandishing a firearm, but his integrity is non existent! Come to find out, the owners daughter was the cop's babysitter. Meaning:
1) he KNEW the dog; 2) they have the owner's phone numbers and never even contacted them until almost 9am and LIED to the owner on what happened. Then when the owners were contacted, it was by the officer's wife, who wasn't even present for the situation.

Also, when we reported it, turned out officer already had turned himself in for the pepper spray, but sure Ieft everything else out.

There Is an investigation.

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