Demand Trump restore funding to the World Health Organization

As the COVID-19 statistics spiral higher, Trump is spiraling with them, grasping for any explanation other than his own failures and lies as to why the United States is deeply in the clutches of both a pandemic and historic economic shutdown.

Which is why Trump has blamed the World Health Organization (WHO) – leading the way in information-sharing and supply distribution – for our outbreak. And then halted WHO funding, though the U.S. is the top contributor.

Add your name: Tell Trump to stop scapegoating the World Health Organization and restore funding immediately.

Blaming the WHO is Trump's latest strategy after failed efforts to blame China, Obama, Democratic governors, the Mexican border, the FDA, and – somehow - even New Yorkers flying to Florida. 

But Trump needs a scapegoat because unless he blames someone else, his supporters will realize that it was his OWN inaction that got us to where we are today: literally the worst response in the world. 

For the sake of everyone benefitting from WHO's efforts, and for the sake of stopping Trumpian misinformation, we must demand the restoration of funding to WHO.

Sign the petition to tell Trump to continue funding the World Health Organization...and acknowledge his own failures.

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