Establish International You Deserve A Gold Star Day

I feel so strongly about the public need for recognition of all human beings that I am working to create an International You Deserve A Gold Star day. The first celebration of this holiday will take place on Sunday, January 31st, 2021 and will be celebrated on January 31st every year hereafter!

My name is Tricia, and I have created a project called Gold Star Revolution. I believe that you deserve a gold star just for being who you are! You deserve a gold star for getting out of bed every day and doing your best to be a good human being. You really do. You are worthy. And you are loved.

I thought that the end of January would be an ideal choice for this new holiday because this tends to be a time of the year when many of us are down on ourselves.  It's winter in the US, and a time when many people get depressed about not making better progress on their New Year's resolutions. 

I strongly believe that this is THE time of the year when the most people would get the most benefit from receiving a gold star.

I hope that you might be inspired to give a "gold star" to someone you care about on January 31st, whether it's something as simple as a compliment, a text, or even a handwritten note.  You can also present someone with a gift from my line of Gold Star products on Zazzle.  

And, of course, you should absolutely take some time to appreciate yourself! Take an inventory of all your fabulous qualities and all of the wonderful things that you do for your family, your friends, and your community on a daily basis!

I hope that you will support me in my efforts to establish January 31st as International You Deserve A Gold Star Day! And please share this link with your friends and family! Thank you!!

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