Donald Trump: Release Your Tax Returns!

Donald Trump refuses to release his tax returns. He's the only Republican presidential candidate that hasn't released any form of tax returns. His excuse is that they are under audit, but there is no real reason why Trump cannot release any tax returns.

Considering his past with tax evasion, it's not surprising that he isn't willing to release his tax returns. In 1986, he would go into Bulgari Jewelry Store in New York, and buy his female companions expensive jewelry. He would tell the store to send the packages out of state so he didn't have to pay the New York sales tax, but would take the jewelry home that day. He also has tried to get out of paying property taxes at the rate that his properties are worth.

As someone who is running to be the President of the United States, he owes the American public transparency and honesty. Please tell Donald Trump to release his tax returns!

Mr. Trump,

You are the only GOP presidential candidate who hasn't released your tax returns. Although you say that you cannot release them because they are under audit, there isn't anything prohibiting you from releasing some form of tax returns.

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Due to your past with tax evasion, such as what happened with the Bulgari Jewelry Store in New York and your properties in Florida, many Americans are concerned that you are hiding something by not wanting to release the returns. As someone who is running for the President of the United States, please be honest with the American public and release your returns. 

Thank you for your time.


[Your name] 

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Trump spokesperson finally admits he will never release his tax returns. The audit is over and there is no excuse. We can’t stop demanding to know the conflicts of interest that the documents will reveal.
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Now there is more proof that Donald Trump has evaded taxes. The Telegraph has proof that he changed the status of a 50 million dollar business deal to deprive the US government of tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue. We know this isn't the first time. It's time we demand to see all his tax returns- sign and share this petition today!
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