McDonald's Must Weed Out All Transgender Discrimination Via Policy

Joselyn Kelly was hired early this year to be an area supervisor for a series of McDonald's franchises across northern Mississippi. She was interviewed and offered a job to start four days later.

But sadly, her tenure didn't last very long.

According to a lawsuit that is now being litigated through the court, when Kelly shared her gender identity to the franchise owners, a torrent of abuse began.

Kelly says she was referred to as "it," along with other slurs. She was told that "transgenders" are an abomination, and called "Juwanna Man," in reference to a male film character who impersonates a female. She was also forced into doing entry-level menial labor not typically associated with her supervisory position. In the face of all this, Kelly felt forced to resign her position.

As it turns out, McDonalds actually has a long history of discriminating against trans folks. We need to call it out right now!

Up to this point, McDonald's has FAILED to respond to any media outlets asking for comment or explanation.

Will you join us in calling on McDonald's to stand up for trans workers and change their policies to ban discrimination? McDonald's needs to explain what they are going to do to hold franchises accountable and ensure all LGBTQ+ workers are treated equally.

Will you stand up for Joselyn Kelly and other trans workers by signing today and demanding this international corporation make this change?

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