On any given day at the CCJTDC there are boys and girls who will be herded into the CCJTDC through the intake process and thereafter placed inside a "housing pod " – a space less than the size of a full basketball court with between 12-15 youth locked inside. There are 30 of these housing pods inside the CCJTDC – a four story concrete and iron building on Chicago's Westside. Anne Spaulding, a professor of epidemiology and medicine at Emory University was quoted by Leila Miller of the LA times stating "There's nothing to make us think that a COVID-19 cannot spread through a crowded juvenile facility as quickly as it could spread through a cruise ship," said. The CDC reports that the "…virus can easily spread in dense places — in a packed subway car, for example, or at a rally or concert." – this is also true for youth detention facilities. We have to prevent our youth from becoming infected by COVID-19 – please sign and share this petition.

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We thank you for your continued support of our detained youth in Cook County and beyond.

Here’s how we can become even more focused in our service and action:

1) Go to for a sample call script & contact information for your governor.

2) Encourage your friends to take action!

3) Forward this petition to your friends to take action to #FreeOurYouth.

Together, we can #FreeOurYouth!

Office of the Chief Judge

Thank you -
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The outpouring of support we have received has been nothing short of amazing. COVID-19, however, is not relenting and our youth, our correctional officers, and administrators. We need your support now more than ever.

Please donate to one of our community partners - Chicago Austin Youth Travel Adventures 501 (c)(3) (CAYTA). CAYTA is a restorative practice youth travel and exploration program that allows formerly detained youth employment training.

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There will be a rally outside of the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center:

WE are standing SIX FEET APART in UNITY to prevent our detained youth, Cook County Juvenile Detention Center Employees, and staff from being SIX FEET BELOW.

WHY DO WE STAND SIX FEET APART? - To show we practice what you preach!!!

Thereby - WE STAND IN UNITY IN OUR DEMAND that Cook County Chief Justice Tim Evans SUSPEND youth detention during the COVID-19 outbreak.

1100 S Hamilton St Chicago IL 2pm CST
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Community Partners and Youth Advocates there is now a pending case in Cook County petitioning the Cook to release of Adults currently in the Cook County Adult Facility several miles away from the Cook County Juvenile Facility where there are approximately 200 youth being held by enlarge for non-violent offenses.

Please take a few moments to call Cook County Chief Justice Tim Evans @ (312) 603-6000 and demand that he release our youth detainees.
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The outpouring of support for our detained youth have received - has been jaw dropping. We thank each of you for your signatures. As COVID-19 is impacting detention facilities throughout America and the world - the Chief Justice of the Juvenile Courts, Tim Evans, has ordered that all visits and nonessential contact be halted. Call Chief Justice Timothy Evans and let him know this is wrong. (312) 603-6000. Our youth, employees, and staff need to be protected from COVID-19 !
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