Ban Thief Stalker Emily Robertson from Social Media/Ecommerce Platforms Misuse & Job Duty

  • al: Ban Thief Stalker
  • destinatario: Instagram, Tiktok, Etsy, Society6, other social media, video and image platforms

This is a calling to ban Thief Stalker Emily Robertson from all social media and Ecommerce platforms on which she conducts her stalking and thefting acts; as well as ban her from social media jobs or provide such duties to third parties due to her serious misusage of social media to conduct her years of violating behaviors that show no signs of slowing down upon warnings: hyper intensive harassment, stalking, monitoring, thefting, intruding privacy, data breach, mental disturbance and abuse.

Emily Robertson has around 10 major career paths she took on through maniacally stalking, monitoring and stealing from the same victim for years. She has demonstrated strong mental illness signs with no shame, remorse, guilt and conscience.

Any of her career path as direct results of these thefting shall also be put to sleep as it is her major motives in stalking, monitoring and disturbing the victim. Only PR and blogging are her original careers. Digital, strategist, modeling, digital arts/illustrations, Tiktok content creation and more are direct results of thefting over the years, shockingly from the same victim.

It is also time for stalking organizations and the law to start recognizing such type of stalking as social media is an even more popular and important channel among the young generations.

Over the course of the past 5 years, Emily Robertson has intensely and maniacally monitored, tracked and stolen from one single victim on a daily to 24/7 basis. The victim gave up established identities, changed multiple websites and two dozens of social media accounts in an effort to restore peace after years of disturbance. Emily Robertson has always managed to intensely micro-search to find the victim and continue her self benefiting stalking and thefting at the severe disturbance of others. 

Social media is more of a means used by her for self benefits at the extreme and long term costs of others well beings. Despite repetitive, serious warnings and an ultimatum, Emily Robertson has callously showed no remorse, conscience and guilt in stopping her greedy, sinful acts. She walked around flaunting from in and out, looks to words and careers what she stole with no shame. All the maniac stalking and disturbance is solely for her self-benefits at the greater costs of others: to copy and steal from the victim.

Knowing a campaign is going on against her and she is getting exposed, Emily Robertson continued the intrusion and disturbance through stalking and thefting. It is truly no shame at its epitome. The victim let her steal at least 5 major things among tons of others and chose to give up established identities just to get away from her, that is not enough for her and she apparently wanted life long disturbance and intrusions. 

Now she won't be allowed to keep any of the things she stole over the years, in (careers) and out (looks). Where she comes from, is where she has to go back.

There are several occasions she has shown her "drive and goals", which itself is a type of thefting from the victim. It turns out all these higher purposes are in essence the lowest remarks of her as a "human being" as her only drive and goals are carried out through copying and thefting! She will literally copy any- and everything major or minor, from careers, ideas to looks and words. It is truly despicable and disgusting. 2021 marks the summit of her stalking and thefting. She is truly an action taker, by action – it is simply copying and thefting.

For the unfortunate victim, it is years of mental disturbance, harassment and lack of peace, deprived freedom; not a day passed by without feeling being watched constantly with no privacy, distress and annoyance. As such Emily Robertson's sinful acts will no longer be tolerated and must come to an end.

No Shame is not a character issue, but rather a mental illness issue. Typically, those without a sense of shame are narcissistic, amoral, psychopathic personalities that has no guilt, remorse and conscience. Saying that they "just don't care" is an understatement. They are well beyond caring and at the point of self-actualization regardless of the costs to other people.

No wonder psychologist has called her an exploiting predator certain with mental issues and the case is serious.

Section I. Psychologist on Emily Robertson's Behaviors being Serious with Mental Issues

Dr (XXX) PhD, Psychologist -

"Not all stalkers have full blown personality disorder. Some stalkers might just have a few features of a personality disorder. Maybe your stalker has an obsessional thinking patterns and jealousy delusions - can't stop themselves. Might have, for example, obsessive compulsive disorder, mild brain damage.

Maybe the mediocre-ness u describe suggests intellectual impairment which may contribute to copying behaviour.

Some people have no empathy - dont understand how their behaviour may hurt others. I'm sorry this happening. If your copy thief has been bothering people such as u for so long-it does seem treatment is indicated.

Psychologist Question: What sort of things does she copy from you?

how many times has this happened to you?

How many years has it been happening for?

how many times did u have to change your identify?

If u have any other clues u think might be useful, please share:"


The amount of times she has copied you

- Major career paths at least 7 times. Small things tons of time, eg she will tend to post on social media after the victim always

What kind of things she copies

- Her career, copy the victim's words and post on social media after the victim. Now she is also polishing up her looks, her photo quality, her goals and drives etc. per "motivation" from the victim. It is like major make over for her through stalking and thefting.

The amount of times u have had to change your identity

- Several websites in 2 years (two changes in six months) and two dozens of social media accounts changes to avoid getting found and many things else.

Dr (XXX) PhD, Psychologist -

"She sounds like a real 'copy cat?" She copies your looks, comments, many words - and has boasted about careers she took from you?

That sounds fairly serious - and awful for u

So sorry to hear about these details :("

Not just a career, many careers She boasted as if she is the originator of all. Any small things I post she will use that as a way to upgrade herself and pick up something from it

"Oh, she's a big boaster, then...

Thanks for the extra information - especially that u have noticed that this person copies 'every little thing' you say or do.

if this person is copying 'everything u do' since 2017, and you've had to change several websites past 2 years, and numerous social media handlers - this strongly suggests mental health problems.

The research said there are 5 types of stalkers: rejected, intimacy seeking, incompetent, resentful, and predatory.

it sounds like she's followed you around for years, is using and exploiting you, and she sounds really obsessed - if she's copying a lot of detail. To me, she sounds like a predatory stalker.

Maybe the lawyer will tell you something that you and I don't know

For example, that - it's illegal to keep copying people, to steal their identities, or something.

Once again, sorry to hear this has been happening to you.

Your view that she is very 'greedy' and 'hungry' is important.

The meaning of predatory behaviour of a person in psychology is:

"an individual ... whose actions are rapacious or exploitative."

Rapacious - means greedy and hungry.

In this light, your stalker seems to be predatory - she can't stop herself from copying you.

As for mental illness, it's too hard to say, but I'll give you a some possible examples:

- Delusional Disorder

- Narcissistic personality disorder

- Depression with psychotic features"

These could be some causes of actions:

invasion of privacy. Nuisance. Stalking. Harassment. Cyber stalking, conversion of personal property, intentional infliction of emotional damage, negligent infliction of emotional damage, breach of private data

Section II. History of Emily Robertson's Disturbing Thefting and Stalking Behaviors (Since 2017)

Evidence and proofs have been documented to prove everything so there is literally ZERO chance for Emily Robertson to deny or play victim's game that this is harassment or hater's attack. With evidence to back up whatever accusations, there is no chance for anyone to deny anything about Emily Robertson's abnormal behaviors and the history of stalking and thefting. If only the victim could step out then all will be instantly clear. Yet such information is impossible to reveal to the public due to privacy concerns and the fact Emily Robertson is nobody to worth the step.

Usher: "A Thief will Steal..."

Just like dead people don't know they are dead, shameless people don't know they are shameless...Same for shameless, no boundary people like Emily Robertson, who doesn't feel bad about being a cheap, shameless thief. Lack of empathy and disregard others' wellbeing indicate a sick, predator pattern.

Years ago, a rightful judgement has been made that Emily Robertson is shameless and dumb. She is trying to prove she is not, by stealing everything from whoever made those precise judgement on her (which is a shameful act itself), and disturbingly stalk her victim to the degree of maniac – all in return proves again what she is trying to disprove – she is shameless and dumb!

Read till the end for the thriller....

Let's take a look at the timelines of events when she steals literally everything from her target:

  1. The foundation and true base of Emily Robertson in 2017 is quite ordinary, aka who she really and naturally is. If you noticed someone different now who is projecting a different image than this, it is because she stole in the copy manner about every move from her victim to bloat herself up. And nope she didn't "made it" on her own.
  2. Next, she posted a photo wearing a bra, not to be "sexy", but to forth-forwardly show support of her notorious, toxic and low quality homewrecker friend who have been called out by many psychologists as having seriously mental issues as well. At this point we know Emily Robertson is SHAMELESS, low quality and likely the same kind because she sees no shame or anything wrong in her friend's behaviors. In the coming years it is proven the support comes from a place they are really the same kind of toxic, shameless people who see each others' behaviors as "normal" and not a big deal.
  3. In 2018, shortly after her victim posted about modeling life in an interview, Emily Robertson "launched" her amateur modeling "journey" (which never go anywhere except can be a flaunt to close friends). Before this, she was just a blogger. What a clone Clown's first thefting act. With her mediocrity, you can imagine her ordinary modeling poses.
  4. In May 2018, she became a digital coordinator, which is the second copy act from her victim, as the victim was promoting digital career a lot.
  5. In May 2019, merely less than 2 months after her victim announced being a digital strategist, she got a new job title as an Assistant Digital Strategist. What a third "coincident"! Except she is always the one following and copying the public announcement of her victim. Not the other way around. She is now calling herself a strategist, laughable fact since she is far from or even know what a strategist entails. Can you imagine someone who is only good at copying and stealing being a strategist?!! Her strategy is really copy, steal, play tricks and take shortcut while boasting stolen things as her own.
  6. Around July 2019 or earlier, just after her victim announced and started making digital arts work, she started making ordinary illustration digital arts, far from on par with her victim. It took slightly longer than getting the digital strategist title since apparently she needs to learn the craft of making illustrations.
  7. While most of her job titles were copied and stolen ideas from the victim, she'd flaunt her copied "careers" in front of the only audience: close friends as if it is her own thing. She literally copied many words to use as if it is her creation as well. While creating "art" after copying what her victim is doing (except at a much mediocre level), she even shamelessly announced how proud she is of herself, through doing something she took the idea (out of one of the many) from others:
  8. On Jan 14, 2021, merely days after her victim announced the type of content for a new tiktok account, Emily Robertson The Shameful Great also started a new tiktok account, mimicking the same content style as announced by her victim. She already had a casual tiktok account for over a year since 2019 posting random messy content yet never made any move on the content style she is now copying. Yet merely three days after the victim announced the plan, she is finally in? There aren't that many co-incidents happen over and over again, PERIOD. Now she has deleted all videos on her casual account to cover up her humble past and true colors.
  9. What is really disturbing and creepy is, Emily Robertson's victim announced the plan on an old social media account which hasn't been used for two years. The victim started reusing the account feeling safe Emily Robertson will not be monitoring it since it hasn't been used for so long. From this antique instagram account, Emily Robertson did her spy work and found her victim's tiktok account as well as her victim's announcement of new content plan, which the long time thief Emily Robertson quickly copied. You can imagine the horror nature of such disturbing stalking and thefting over the years and being relentlessly watched and copied from hyper intensively by Emily Robertson. The victim is having prolonged after shock effect since realizing how disturbing and obsessive the stalking and watching is that even old, antique accounts are so closely monitored after years of no usage, and no details or minor clues are ever missed out by Emily Robertson 24/7 (don't even play the idea that maybe she didn't see it…maybe she didn't notice it. Nothing is missed out by Emily Robertson); on top of knowing every day the watching, stalking and copying, stealing for years...
  10. Days after the victim noticed it and started hiding, she posted a tiktok video showing her anger and sarcasm over the victim she leeched on for years taking shortcut for her life after she got caught with creating this tiktok account by copying ideas from her victim again (out of many times). This TikTok account was born of a copying and thefting. Majority of the job titles on her linkedin was actually copied from the victim. The video is literally a confession of her stalking and monitoring. She said:"So everyone just have a secret account huh" days after the victim started hiding.

    On Instagram she also posted a face of death and desperation right after noticing the victim started hiding from her. She is in distraught that feels like death because she realized her benefit supply and shortcut for life have now been cut off. If she needs to copy everything the victim is doing in order to advance herself because she is too ordinary to begin with, this is hell no good for her future to get cut off. Don't forget, she made an announcement how she is proud of herself from something she is doing that was one of the copy she made from the victim. Her level of feeling no shame is truly paramount and unprecedented. Shockingly, she never demonstrated any amount of desperation for being called out as cheap, shameless, mediocre and low quality, reflecting her severe lack of empathy - another troublesome character trait.
  11. In March 2021, 3 months after Emily Robertson discovered the victim's new direction through extensive, maniac monitoring and tracking, she landed a new job at a PR agency in the same niche as the victim – same old copy pattern that lasted for years…    
  12. In the meanwhile, she started polishing her look and appearance in this same niche as well. The change of look is one of the many theftings as well going forward…
  13. Since July - Aug 2021, apparently Emily Robertson the Maniac Stalker has managed to discover her victim's two new online identities (out of many created in sequence to avoid her after the previous one was discovered by her) and 12th+ new social media accounts all created to hide from her to have life's freedom. Every new accounts created to get away from her was digged up without a miss.
  14. If you noticed she stopped posting on this TikTok account, the reason is after stealing and copying from her victim, she found out the victim is going another direction in content styles. So the last few videos came out couple of days after she found it out (see 10). It makes no sense for her to continued this copied tiktok account any more since it is not what her victim is doing.
  15. Various signs have been pointing to that she started copying and developing her skills in the areas the victim is doing now since she made the discovery in July – August 2021 (see 10). Evidence has been collected that will connect the dots in terms of timelines so once she makes it public of her new "careers" we know for sure they are copies.
  16. On Aug 22, 2021, Emily Robertson made an insta post of her reading a book about writers. In the meanwhile, she brought her sister, who is in creative writing and film making, over to live in New York. All are new things the victim started doing Emily Robertson found out​​ through tracking down the victim who wants to hide from her. Another shameless, bashful copy from the victim. For years she made social media captions that is tasteless and nonsense. Ever since Aug 2021 she has improved her caption writing skills. 
  17. From Sep – Oct 2021, after repetitive warnings and an ultimatum that actions will be taken if any stalking and thefting continues, Emily Robertson callously showed no signs of remorse, conscience and slow up of any bit of stalking. The day after the ultimatum, she updated her illustration account and published new work on her Etsy account to show her disregards of the victim's wish as if she has a rights to stalk, disturb and own what she stole from others.
  18. On Jan 12, 2021, she made an annoucement on one of her stolen career's instagram page that she has taken time during the holiday to slow down, and reevaluate how she wants her "brand" to be. It seems like she is so driven and upbeat to make 2021 count.

    Turns out her whole 2021 goal and plan is to up her game in copying and stealing. The victim's hiding is obviously a heavy punch to fulfilling her "self improvement goals", which is why she felt death like desperation. Even the word "brand" is a stolen word as just used not long again by the victim in referring to the victim's brand. At this point we are super clear that Emily Robertson is not only a public bus that will copy and steal "EVERY- and ANY-THING", but she depicts the exact definition of what being disgusting and low self-esteem is.
  19. Even friendship is part of the copy act. One of her closest friend (being from a certain geographic region) become so only because it is another copy after the victim. That friendship didn't start genuinely as this friend would think but just a means to an end – to copy what her victim has.

Freedom and peace of mind was deprived again from the innocent victim who she leeched on for years. You are rest assured after this victory of spying discovery, she is on her way for the Nth rounds of copying and thefting of what the victim is doing now....

Section III. Petition Requests

This matter has now reached it severity and is taken seriously. Here are the petition requests in three categories:

  1. Emily Robertson has to stop any of her careers that are the results of thefting, including but not limited to: visual arts/illustrations, modeling, strategist, content creation resembling the styles of her victim, anything new she is now developing in 2021 but haven't announced publicly yet.
  2. Emily Robertson shall be banned from these social media platforms, as well as any future or anonymous accounts she creates, including but not limited to these platforms:

-       Instagram

-       Tiktok

-       Any new social media, video, live and image sharing platforms she'd use to stalk the victim or showcase content that she stole or will steal from the victim

3. Emily Robertson shall be banned from these platforms where she makes sales with work she has done through thefting:

-      Etsy

-      Society6

-      Any other platforms she uses to make sales of her work that is a result of thefting, including the thefting of a career path

4. Emily Robertson shall be banned from conducting any social media related work, provided directly to a company or any third parties through a company. It is irresponsible to put such a person exploiting and harming others through social media to do social media work. Including but not limited to:

-       Current employers

-       Future employers

-       Any relevant third party service receivers

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