Fathers are not second class citizens

    I recently started the divorce process. I received a civil protection order for telephone harassment. I texted my ex 50 times in a day trying to see my daughte. My ex put my address and my daughter on the CPO ti get me out of my house and to also keep my daughte from me.. since I've been charged for violating this order several times because my wife received messages about me seeing my daughter. This had been used against me in regards to custody. Which brings me to the point of my petition. In Idaho when you file for divorce you are ordered to attend a parenting workshop called Focus on the children. This workshop is based off a program called love and logic. In the workshop they explain the importance of maintaining regular relationships with both parents in the least stressful way for the child. In this class he mentioned that in the time he had taught the workshop only 1 judge had participated. Which explains why fathers get cut out of a child life. Like I have had done. I was ordered to a class where I learned so much good info but it's absolutley useless because I can only see my daughter 2 hours a week and it costs me 62.00 for 2 hours. If the judges actually understood what it is they are ordering you to live by. They won't separate healthy parents from children because of a spiteful co parent. Demand Idaho judges to attend focus on the children
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