Demand an end to Texas Gov Abbott’s cruel — and DEADLY — border policy!

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  • destinatario: Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has just reached a new depth of villainous behavior, and it seems like there's no low he wouldn't stoop to. His operation along the border was already unethical, and recent reports from a trooper-medic say that they "were given orders to push the people back into the water to go to Mexico" and refuse migrants water.

In just one day, medics reported treating inexplicable horrors — "a 19-year-old woman trapped in the wire having a miscarriage" and "a man with a significant laceration on his leg, suffered when he tried to rescue his child from razor wire placed on a deterrence buoy in the Rio Grande," just to name a few. Abbott wants these humans placing themselves in overwhelming danger and horror to suffer as much as he can make them, it is abhorrent. He's doing it all under the guise of law and order.

Add your name to demand Abbot's vile anti-immigration tactics be stopped!

In the trooper's email, they detail trying to rescue a mother and two children who drowned after attempting to cross a part of the river with no wire. The tactics being used to deter immigrants are not working — they are killing people. If torture, inhumanity, and death is what Abbott and the GOP's goal is, they are succeeding monumentally. 

It is terrifying that border operations have become so sickening that a trooper on site feels compelled to send an email that says they "believe we have stepped over a line into the in humane [sic]." It's up to us to demand it be stopped.

Sign your name to tell the Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department to IMMEDIATELY shut down Abbott's border operations!

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