Demand Trump stop shutting down lifesaving programs just to destroy Obama's legacy!

Trump has had a vendetta against Obama's presidency since the start of his MAGA-hat campaign (actually, long before – Trump promoted racist birther conspiracy theories in 2011). Anything with Obama's name or legacy attached, Trump has insisted on destroying, no matter how useful or lifesaving.

And now, in a global pandemic, we're seeing the daily fatalities in the thousands directly attributed to Trump's petty, racist hatred of our 44th president.

Add your name to demand Trump stop shutting down lifesaving programs, just because Obama started or contributed to them!

Trump started by attacking the Affordable Care Act, which provides lifesaving healthcare to millions of Americans – desperately needed in the midst of a global pandemic.

Then, Trump fired Obama's pandemic response leader, who oversaw Obama's fight against malaria, and disbanded the entire team – leaving us with nothing in place to fight coronavirus when it emerged as a global threat.

And, Trump killed Obama's signature climate change policy, the Clean Power Plan – and environmental concerns aside, experts predict we'll see more pandemics on larger scales as a result of increasing global warming.

Sign here to tell Trump to stop cutting lifesaving programs just because he can't handle Obama's legacy attached!

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