In the Middle of a Global Environmental Crisis, Hasbro Is Bringing Back Plastic Packaging

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Once upon a time, Hasbro - one of the largest toy brands in the world - committed to ending the use of plastic packaging in all of its products. But this spring, the company backtracked on its commitments, announcing the reintroduction of plastic packaging on many toys.

LEGO, on the other hand, has been leading the way in making the toy industry more sustainable. The company is producing toys with green methanol, which decreases emissions by 95%, and it plans to have 100% sustainable recycling by 2025. If LEGO can do it, so can Hasbro!

It is time Hasbro follows LEGO's suit and aims for net zero environmental impact!

Hasbro has done what many corporations have done in recent years - used vague corporate speak to claim that it plans to be more sustainable in the future.

But LEGO has proven that toy companies are capable of making real, tangible changes and quickly reducing their environmental impact.

If Hasbro actually believes in sustainability, it can't keep engaging in the same vague greenwashing that every other company does. It is time Hasbro commits to a zero environmental impact goal, like LEGO! Sign the petition now if you agree!
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