We the people as essentially the employers of congress have had no say in whether congress receives any pay raises, Congress has taken upon itself the right to enact their own pay raises. It must be nice to to be an employee and decide for yourself if you will receive a raise. The wisdom of such a policy is apparent by how often it occurs in business workplaces.
    We the people therefore propose ( insist ) on the following:
    1. The immediate end to all pay raises for congress.
    2. Congressional pay must be immediately cut to reflect the median salary of the the working middle class employee. This figure is to be a consensus of three independent economic resources.
    3. Any and all future pay raises for congress must be voted on by the people in a general election; with a two thirds ( 2/3 ) approval needed for passage.
    a. Any pay raise approved by the voters can not exceed the cost of living adjustment allotted to social security recipients for the fiscal year the raise is enacted.
    b. Sitting members of congress opposing the outcome of a vote regarding a congressional pay raise shall be censured, and or terminated.
    Benefits ( retirement, and medical ):
    1. Retirement:
    Congress can have no retirement benefit of any type payed for or including any contributions from public/taxpayer monies.
    a. Any current retirement plan(s), program(s) payed for or including public/taxpayer monies must be immediately liquidated with the monies returned to the source(s) from which they originated or were intended.
    b. Congress is entitled to social security if they have payed into the social security program. They can take advantage of any and all retirement resources payed for at their own expense.
    c. Congress may not receive any benefit, or resource known or unknown to the American people, other than social security, and medicare/medicaid, for a period of time longer than their actual time as a member of congress.
    All medical benefits except medicare/medicaid, are hereby revoked. congress is required to provide their own medical benefits, through the Affordable Care Act, or private insurance, if they do not qualify for medicare/medicaid. All existing medical benefits payed for in part or wholly by public/taxpayer monies end immediately.
    Congress will only empathize with issues, and concerns of the majority of Americans, when they are confronted with the same concerns for themselves, and their families. Please support this petition by signing and sharing with as many as you can.
    firma la petición
    firma la petición
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