This White Professor Called the Cops on a Black Student for Putting Her Feet Up

  • al: Care2 Team
  • destinatario: Taylor Eighmy, president, University of Texas at San Antonio
Sure, putting your feet up on the seat in front of you is a little rude, but is it a crime? Absolutely not — unless you're in Professor Anita Moss' classroom.

During one of her lectures at the University of Texas at San Antonio, Professor Moss caught a black student with her foot up on the seat. Apparently having a bad day, Moss decided to handle the situation in the worst way possible. She stopped class, left the room, and called the police to have them escort the student out. The humiliating incident was caught on video by a classmate.

Professor Moss' actions were not only discriminatory, but also a complete waste of time and resources. The University of Texas at San Antonio needs to fire her now.

There has been a wave of recent incidents of white people calling the police on black and brown people simply for existing. And as we've repeatedly seen, those police encounters can often turn deadly. The practice not only puts lives in danger, but the trauma can also leave serious and long-lasting emotional scars.

Professor Moss has proven that she doesn't have all of her students' best interest at heart. The university must fire her for her discriminatory behavior.
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