We Need a Feminist Approach to Addressing COVID-19

COVID-19 doesn't discriminate, however, systemic inequities mean that women, girls and gender-diverse people are being disproportionately impacted by pandemic. We are already seeing an increased need to address gender-based violence, improve access to economic security and invest in essential services.

To heal our nation and alleviate existing economic and social ills, the federal government must take a feminist approach to our recovery that includes: 

Establish Paid Sick Leave for All Workers — Women disproportionately work in jobs, that are less likely to have paid sick leave. We need 21 days of paid job-protected sick leave for all federally regulated workers and influence all provincial and territorial partners to follow suit.

Fund Emergency Child Care for Essential Workers — The government must provide funding to pay for emergency child care programs and work with provinces and territories to sustain licensed child care programs.

Take a Gendered Approach to Address Homelessness — Women's homelessness was already a crisis prior COVID-19. The government must enact measures to equitably protect women, girls, children, and gender diverse peoples experiencing homelessness. 

Create a $10 Billion Emergency Fund for Charities and Non-Profits — The government needs to support community-based organizations to sustain operations, preserve infrastructure, enable essential service delivery and keep people employed during this pandemic.

Urge the Canadian government to adopt a feminist approach to COVID-19!
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