Trump Could Become President Again. He'd Likely Raise the Stakes on What Deplorable Things He Could Get Away With This Time.

In 2016, a significant portion of U.S. voters thought it was impossible that Donald Trump could win the Presidential Election and become the new head of state for the next four years. The media wasn't particularly concerned, neighbors weren't concerned, the general public wasn't all that concerned. It was impossible.

Until it wasn't.

And now, 8 years later, we're exhausted from hearing his name. We don't want to think about him anymore. We want that nightmare to be done and behind us. But it's not, because this November, Donald Trump is running for President again - and just like in 2016, he could actually win.

That's why we're begging you to pledge to take action now, before it's too late. We need to encourage ourselves, our friends, our loved ones to all get involved and keep Trump out of the Oval Office! Sign the pledge!

Just because we defeated Donald Trump once in 2020 doesn't mean we've put this chapter of history behind us forever. That kind of wishful thinking got us in trouble once before, and we absolutely cannot afford to let that happen again.

Think of any cause you care about - climate change, wildlife conservation, LGBTQ+ rights and human rights, reproductive freedoms, even proper funding for children's meals and education - and you can be guaranteed, that situation will get worse under Donald Trump.

As of now, Donald Trump is literally a convicted felon. He has been in court for sexual abuse, violation of campaign finance laws, tax crimes, and electoral interference in 2020. Yet somehow he's still going strong. If he has already been tried - and in some cases convicted - based on these crimes, why would we assume he would soften his approach?

It's worth reminding ourselves how much worse Trump would be if he were to become President again, now that he's already been through the fire and apparently remained unbothered. At this point, he would think he has full immunity. Trump would believe he could get away with actually anything. And he might even be right.

We know we're all exhausted. But we thought it was impossible back in 2016, but it's clearly possible. He did it once. He could do it again. That is - unless we take action now and get our community involved.

We must take action now to make sure Donald Trump stays out of the White House. Sign the pledge to get involved - whether that's through donations, phone-banking, canvassing, talking to neighbors, or simply getting out the word. We can't sit silently by and let this nightmare happen again!
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