Tell Congress - Amend the Farm Bill and save horses from slaughter!

Every year, tens of thousands of American horses from race tracks, farms, riding academies, and private owners are sold at auctions to be slaughtered for human consumption

At these auctions, horses spend hours, and sometimes even days, in overcrowded pens, often without access to food and water. After being bought by a "kill buyer" they are loaded onto a trailer and transported to slaughter plants in Canada or Mexico. Animals' Angels investigators have documented transport times of more than 35 hours, and at no time were the horses ever given food or water, or provided a chance to rest.

In the attempt to reach a U.S. horse slaughter ban, our newest goal is to attach a ban to the Farm Bill. In the previous Farm Bill, enacted in 2018, a ban on the slaughter of dog and cats in America and the transport of those animals for that purpose was secured. That same logic should drive Congress to halt the slaughter of horses for human consumption. They are not raised for food, and Americans have no appetite for their meat. The steps needed to accomplish this is simple - amend the existing statute to include equines.

Congress must advance the Farm Bill – an opportunity that only arises every five years, and they must do it now!

Sign today and help us protect horses!

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