Demand Zero Emission Freight Now

The freight transportation system is one of the largest sources of pollution in our country. Freight transportation relies on a myriad of trucks, trains, and ships traversing through our communities to move goods from place to place. 

This freight system contributes to significant amounts of localized pollution in communities already overburdened by other sources of pollution. All of which generates a significant amount of pollution that contributes to an ongoing health crisis in environmental justice communities and the climate crisis across the globe.

Achieving a zero emission future for our freight system will require a holistic approach that prioritizes environmental justice. Communities and frontline workers are demanding action by holding decision-makers and industries accountable and protecting communities from the harms caused by the freight system. The voices from environmental justice communities and frontline workers must not only be included – but centered – as we turn towards new solutions for a zero emission future. 

We need your help to amplify their voices. 

Sign the petition today to join Moving Forward Network's efforts to secure and advance environmental justice, equity, economic justice, and a just transition for those most impacted by the freight transportation system. 

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firma la petición
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