Demand NDA agreements as nonbinding and discriminatory against women who were forced to sign as a result of a gender discrimination violation, a sexual harassment, assault or misconduct offence at the hands of Male employers or coworkers or any man in a p

    Please help me stream line this PETITION and more importantly please take your CIVIL rights and disclose you and DISMISS the fictitious restraint that you have been intimidated into believing further VICTIMIZATION yourself. If you have been discriminated against nothing prevent you from being as vocal asand as public as you can to protect yourself and prevent further attacks and violation s against you. Own your past. Own your FUTURE and never become a victim at the hands of any man's ego or sexual offenses in order to protect yourself from wrongful termination retaliation or FUTURE advances. This is a pattern of that has historically been institutionalized and will only continue under current sociopolitical conditions. We are only equal in the eyes of the law. Denounce your NDA and expose yourself and the institutions that have perpetrated this epidemic DESPITE the Me Too MOVEMENT. Few people have been able to overcome the outcome and reinstate their lifestyle and reputation let alone gain equitable status in their profession and personal relationships including their physical and financial protection and losses.
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    firma la petición
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