Premier Legault of Quebec and Mayor Plante of Montreal not mandate wearing face masks in public places

As of July 18 ,2020, Premier Legault of Quebec , and as of July 27, 2020 Mayor Plante of Montreal want to make wearing face masks mandatory. This is unnecessary and goes against human rights and freedoms. It contravenes The Canadian Charter of Rights  These govts are trying to take away your right to enjoy individual dignity and independence. And why are they doing this now? It sounds like a govt control issue and a political issue. And a mandate that requires that face masks be worn in all indoor public places is draconian and an attempt at massive, and maybe permanent behaviour modification for the entire population. The Quebec govt brought a bill in last year that prohibits people who work in govt authority positions from wearing religious symbols. Now they want to force people to wear face masks. More human rights abuse. What next? Masks don't necessarily prevent someone from getting a virus anyway  An stm employee was handing out masks at a metro station. The masks weren't even packaged. They could  be contaminated.  They could carry hepatitis and other germs, not just covid. Why put it on your face? It's so contradictory.  The stm Montreal bus company is telling people to wear masks for health reasons. It's mandatory with them.  It's again, a control issue.  In Texas masks were mandated 15 days ago and covid is supposed to be rapidly increasing since then. So face masks aren't that helpful. People should be allowed to choose if they want to wear a mask or not. That is their right. People should consider filing lawsuits against these governments.

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