Five Reasons Why Public Art Matters

Public art does so much more than simply beautify public spaces—it functions as a vessel to celebrate the unique history, cultures, trailblazers, and places that define a community.

Americans for the Arts know first-hand the value of public art through their extensive work to understand how public art positively impacts communities.

Here are the top five reasons why public art matters:
  1. Economic Growth and Sustainability. By engaging in public art as a tool for growth and sustainability, communities can thrive economically.

  2. Attachment and Cultural Identity. Public art directly influences how people see and connect with a place, providing access to aesthetics that support its identity and making residents feel appreciated and valued.

  3. Artists as Contributors. Providing a public art ecosystem supports artists and other creatives by validating them as important contributors to the community.

  4. Social Cohesion and Cultural Understanding. Public art provides a visual mechanism for understanding other cultures and perspectives, reinforcing social connectivity with others.

  5. Public Health and Belonging. Public art addresses public health and personal illness by reducing stress and improving mood, providing a sense of belonging, and addressing stigmas towards those with mental health issues.

Public art matters because our communities gain cultural, social, and economic value through it. 

Sign your name today to express your support for public art, and pledge to view it, share it, and encourage others to do the same.
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