Petition opposing a land lease for a 3 million gallon water tower by the School District of Lancaster, PA to the City of Lancaster

To The School Board of Lancaster (SDoL) and the City of Lancaster:
As Lancaster Township residents we are opposed to the City of Lancaster wanting to build a 3-million gallon water
tower in our well-established, residential neighborhood on SDoL open space situated between the new Buchanan Elementary School and Lancaster Township Park. From information presented by City officials at a November 2nd public meeting, we understand a leading function of the tower is to serve demands of slated new developments, almost entirely outside of Lancaster Township, and that these or future developments cannot be built without this new water capacity access. We are also aware this project would have additional negative environmental and financial costs and consequences directly affecting residents of Hamilton Park and environs, including:
1. Depreciated real estate and neighborhood values.
2. Adverse psychological effects on students and residents from a looming and overpowering structure that
would take over the character of a well-maintained and cared for neighborhood.
3. Permanent loss of open space within a Township already facing an open space deficit.
4. The potential adverse health effects to students and residents of cell phone towers placed on tank.
We also believe the current SDoL-owned open space promotes public well being, grows our connection to nature,
strengthens our community bond, and offers hands-on environmental teaching opportunities all of which will be in jeopardy if this tower brings its overpowering footprint to our neighborhoods and public parkland.
For these reasons we the undersigned request that the SDoL School Directors and Board not enter negotiations on the land lease with the City, and that the City locate its proposed tower elsewhere, thereby reassigning any additional costs and burdens to the locales with the most to gain from additional water capacity due to development and growth.

Friends of Lancaster Township Parks
Caring for Lancaster Township Park and its Neighborhoods

firma la petición
firma la petición
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