What's the real cost of a fake review?

It's not just the time you waste surfing through copious copy/paste "OMG LIFE CHANGING!!!" review titles used to fraudulently sell you anything from smartwatches to headphones.

It's not just the money you lose on a dodgy vacuum cleaner bought on the back of a liar's endorsements.

And it's not just the potential risk to a family who bought a new car seat based on a ringing 'SAFEST AND BEST!' review, written by a faker who doesn't even have kids. Or a car. Or a conscience.

The cost of a fake review is all of those things. Because it's not just a fake. It's someone lying to you, knowingly manipulating you to buy a dud. So they win and you lose.

That's why Which? is taking on fake reviews - and we need you to join our fight.

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