• al: John Fish
  • destinatario: Matt Bevin, Kentucky Governor

This is an evil, greedy, corrupt, unconscionable, racist, monopolizing, tyrant, despot, oppressor, overlord, who is this City Government of Louisville, Kentucky, Housing Authority, Director, Timothy Barry.

Who ever since twenty years, ago, continues, to profit, with all of these numerous, City, multi-family, apartments, Slumlords, Property Managers, to pocket, Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), non-profit, Grants, low-income, HUD Section 8 rents assistance, funds.

To profit, is inspecting, to fraudulently, Pass, not to Fail, all of these, thousands, of Slumlords, buildings, apartments, blatant, City, HUD, housing, health, codes, violations, and causing, all to remain, unfit, indecent, unsafe, unsanitary, unhealthy, uninhabitable, living, housing, conditions.

To profit, by especially, placing, exposing, all of these hundreds-of-thousands, of this City, low-income, unsuspecting, past, present, future, Families, Single Mothers, Pregnant Women, to these concealed, health hazardous, bio-hazardous, uninhabitable, condemning, apartments.

To profit, by purposely, causing, their permanent, mental, health harms, and are causing, physical harms, deaths.

To profit, by especially, exposing, all of these thousands, of past, present, future, Children, Infants, Newborns, Unborn, to airborne, asbestos, carbon monoxide, lead based paint, black molds, mycotoxins, human, rodents, bats, birds, feces, urine, infectious, bacteria, fungi, diseases.

To profit, by purposely, causing, aggravating to cause, their permanent, mental harms, aggressions, depressions, anxieties, memory loss, vision loss, attention deficit disorders, learning disabilities, school dropouts, criminalization.

To profit, by ensuring, that all of these thousands, of past, present, future generations, City, low-income, Children, Infants, Newborns, Unborn, shall remain in poverty.

To profit, why especially, all of these thousands, of sickened, dying, complaining, low-income, Families, Single Mothers, Pregnant Women, People, shall never be removed, relocated.

To profit, by purposely, forcing, these thousands, of past, present, future, sickened, dying, surviving, low-income, loving, caring, Parents, Single, Mothers, Pregnant Women, People, to vacate, break their leases, court evicted, homeless.

To profit, by fraudulently, awarding, all of these City, for-profit, Slumlords, Property Managers, with non-profit, HUD, Emergency Shelter Homeless, Grants.

To profit, by purposely, placing, exposing, especially, to all of these thousands, of this City, low-income, Families, Single, Mothers, Pregnant Women, sickened, and homeless, who he caused them to be sickened, and homeless, into all of these infested, infected, poisoned, diseased, contaminated, vacant apartments, why he caused to be vacant.

Who is profiteering, by causing, these never ending, vicious, cycles, of wanton, felonious, endangerments, wanton, felonious, reckless, homicides, grievous injustices, social injustices, crimes against humanity, 1st Amendment, Civil, Rights, violations.

Human Rights, violations, denying, all of this City, children, their educations, denying, their Human Rights, for fit, decent, safe, sanitary, healthy, habitable, living, housing, conditions.


1/ HUD, Office of the Inspector General, Audit Report

2/ Save These Children

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Now, you know who, why, how, these Slums became to be Slums
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This is a mass murderer who is getting away with these atrocities
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Tens-of-thousands have signed Petitions to save animals lives, but only 53 have signed this Petition to save these Human's, and Children's, lives.
This World is well beyond being repairable.
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This unconscionable, greedy, racist, greedy, evil, bigot, tyrant, oppressor, overlord, wantonly, harming, killing, causing homelessness, to thousands, of this City of Louisville, Kentucky, low-income, People, defenseless, children, infants, newborns, unborn, and who is not being held accountable, responsible, literally, physically, sickens me.
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This has to be a devil's disciple without any conscience whatsoever, harming, killing, People, and especially, to all of these innocent, defenseless, children, infants, newborns, unborn, literally, physically, sickens me, is not being held accountable, responsible, by this Federal Government.
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