Revoke Trump's Ignorant, Economy-Killing Tariffs!

Despite the advice of virtually all rational economists, businesses, worker groups, and even Republicans, President Trump decided to levy tariffs on some of America's closest allies and trading partners — including Canada and the European Union — sparking and unnecessary and potentially devastating trade war.

Within just a few short days, layoffs began in U.S. cities and businesses began moving jobs overseas. And this is only the beginning.

Trump has responded to the economic damage by doubling down on his trade war, proposing new automobile tariffs that could inflict further damage and plunge the U.S. into a full scale recession. Unless Congress stops him.

Trump's idiotic tariffs are not only bad for American workers, they are also dangerous for global relations, forcing retaliation from formerly reliable allies. The message to the world is staggering as the President simultaneously betrays Americas allies and gushes dotingly over brutal tyrants, including Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin, and Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Trump's trade war is as reckless as it is ignorant. Add your name to demand Congress vote to stop tariffs before any more damage is done.

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