Justice for Tyson the Dog: Dragged to Death Behind A Truck

  • par: Juan J
  • destinataire: Government of the Department of San Pedro, Paraguay
Just when you thought you heard it all, comes the story of the woman who dragged a dog to death behind a truck. And it was all caught on video in the Paraguayan department of San Pedro in the town of Yrybucua. According to witnesses the woman was furious that the pooch - Tyson - had apparently bitten her daughter, so together with the girl's grandmother they decided to seek revenge.

The pair - having no proof that it was actually Tyson who had bitten the young girl - snuck into the dog owner's property and stole him. They then tied a rope around his neck and attached it to a truck and to the horror of everyone watching the drove off dragging Tyson through the streets.

This story is tragic but hopefully there will be justice for Tyson. Onlookers recorded the whole thing and because animal abuse is a considered a "serious" crime according to the Law #4840 (Animal Welfare and Protection Law) of 2013 it is incumbent upon Paraguayan officials to do everything they can to find justice for Tyson.

Police currently say they are investigating. But since the crime was caught on tape a mere investigation isn't enough. Only prosecution and setting an example to others who might choose to commit animal abuse will do.

As humans we are blessed with compassion and the sense of right and wrong. And unlike Tyson, the two women understood the consequences of their actions. Now they must come to terms with them via the Paraguayan justice system.

Please sign the petition and demand justice for Tyson. Tell Paraguay the world is watching, thell them to charge the couple with animal cruelty.
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