American Airlines Harassed a Passenger for Breastfeeding Her Baby

A woman who was breastfeeding her child on an American Airlines was asked to cover up because "there were men and children around." Yes, you read that right: in 2023, a woman was criticized for exposing cleavage while breastfeeding.

When the passenger proceeded to tell the flight attendant that her daughter won't eat or sleep while covered, the attendant kept repeating that it was the only option because it is "common courtesy." In what world is making a baby go hungry "common courtesy?"

Any parent knows that traveling with children can be stressful enough. The last thing anyone needs is to be embarrassed and insulted for literally providing a child's most basic necessity: food.

Sign now to demand American Airlines conduct an internal investigation of this incident and review company policy so that no one is ever harassed like this again!

To make matters worse, this isn't the first time the company has harassed a breastfeeding parent. Clearly, a lazy apology via email or text is not enough.

American Airlines must commit to an internal investigation of this incident and reviewing company policy to ensure this never happens again! Sign now if you agree!
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