Deepfake Technology is Putting People in Pornographic Content…Without Their Consent or Knowledge

Several popular Twitch streamers have been tragically rocked by a deepfake porn scandal. Without their consent, other people created porn videos using their faces and images on other people's bodies. This type of technology is dangerous, and without people's consent, can lead to blackmail, disinformation, and defamation.

Congress must act to make deepfakes in pornographic content illegal! Sign now to demand Congress finally make non-consensual deepfakes illegal before any more people can be harmed by this technology!

With new technology comes serious new risks, especially to women, femme people, and those assigned female at birth. No one should have to see their face or body used in pornographic content of any capacity without their consent.

In 2019, the DEEP FAKES Accountability Act was introduced into Congress. Our legislators can -- and should -- swiftly pass this piece of legislation to make sure that no one else has to suffer the atrocities that these streamers and influencers have had to experience.

Congress must pass the DEEP FAKES Accountability Act now to protect Americans from this type of horrific, nonconsensual sexual exploitation. Sign the petition now if you agree!
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