End Duck shooting season in New Zealand

I am no stranger to guns being a soldier but killing should not be recreational sport no matter what life for that comes in. As a soldier I believe such choices to take life should only be made when the balance of good and evil has exceeded the red line.

In New Zealand duck shooting season runs through May until July. In this petition I call for a minimum new endorsement change required to own a firearm that a clinical psychologist must access both a written and verbal interview on persons reason for hunting animals for game. I would like to see the psychologist access if the desire comes from a level of unresolved mental health issues or if there is a truly well based concept or logic that justifies the means of the action in order to use the weapon against the animal. I would suggest having a 30 point questionnaire that the gun owner must identify about 30 facts of that creatures habits to demonstrate a broad understanding they know consciously what they are choosing to kill.

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