A Cat Was Shot With Thirty Pellets and Died. The Perpetrator Is Still at Large.

  • par: Care2 Team
  • destinataire: Humboldt Sheriff's Office

The employees of Moffitt Animal Shelter were not surprised when they received a call about an injured cat. This is, of course, very common -- stray cats get hurt and that is often how they end up at shelters. But this was no normal case.

When the cat, named Scoob, got to the shelter, some horrific details became clear: the sweet cat had been shot over thirty times with pellets. Someone had literally used Scoob as target practice, riddling his body with injuries from head to toe. Scoob didn't make it, and someone out there is responsible. They must be found and should never be allowed to own or work with animals again!

Sign now to tell the Humboldt Sheriff's Office to investigate this tragic act and find the perpetrator so that they can never own animals again!

Scoob could have lived a longer and comfortable life, and instead, he died after being brutally abused for no reason whatsoever. Whoever is capable of doing this kind of harm cannot be trusted to interact with animals again in the future.

The Humboldt Sheriff's Office must investigate this act, find the perpetrator, and make sure they can never get their hands on an animal again! Sign the petition now if you agree!

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