Arrest and Charge Christopher Nevins for Hate Crimes Against the South Asian Community

    This petition is deeply personal to many of us who have been victims of Christopher Nevins's hate crimes. Our community, individuals of South Asian descent, has suffered greatly due to his actions. His behavior has instilled fear in our hearts, not because we've done anything wrong, but simply because of the color of our skin or how we choose to worship.

    Nevins has placed public posters throughout New Jersey targeting multiple individuals of South Asian descent and made public posters comparing individuals of South Asian descent to Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, placing individuals of South Asian descent, especially Sikhs that wear turbans daily, in fear.
    Nevins has mocked Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh worship practices, and has attacked individuals of South Asian descent with no reason other than pure bigotry.
    Nevins has gone as far as creating multiple social media accounts specifically targeting South Asians. He uses these platforms to leak personal information about his victims - a gross violation of privacy that leaves us feeling unsafe and exposed. For instance, in a video posted by Nevins, the video contains a picture of an Indian child from the Disney television series "Jessie" and contains an audio of an individual saying "Om" in a mocking manner, a word frequently utilized in Hindu worship, with intent to mock an individual due to their Hindu religion and refers to the individual as a curry muncher.

    On one instance, he escalated his campaign of hate even further by calling in a terrorist threat against a pizzeria, in an act otherwise known as swatting. His target was an innocent South Asian man whom he falsely accused of being a suicide bomber. In addition, Christopher Nevins swatted his former significant other, a student at American University, and attempted to blame an individual of South Asian descent with intent to falsely accuse the individual of a crime.

    These incidents are not just attacks on individuals; they are attacks on our entire community and everything we stand for. We cannot allow this kind of hatred and bigotry to go unchecked.

    We call upon law enforcement agencies to arrest and charge Christopher Nevins for his hate crimes against the South Asian community. We demand justice for all those who have been affected by his actions and seek assurance that such acts will not be tolerated in our society.

    Please sign this petition today - your support can make a difference in bringing justice closer for countless victims who live under the shadow cast by Christopher Nevins's hateful acts.
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