Real Punishment for Kitten-Throwing Thug

  • par: Erin M
  • destinataire: Stanislaus County Law Enforcement, Patterson City PD
Garret Haile just went viral, and all for the wrong reasons.

The idiot, 18, and his friend thought it would be cool to film themselves tossing a poor helpless kitten into a lake last year. But thanks to animal lovers who viewed the video and shared it with officials, Mr. Haile could be in deep water.

The footage shows Haile standing on an embankment holding a writhing baby kitten in his hands. The whole thing looks premeditated since he even has gloves to protect his hands from being scratched.

Then he leans back and catapults the kitten into the air, you see it flipping and turning as it flies through the sky and then plunges down into the water below. No one knows if it survived.

"My heart, it just left my body. And, I showed my mom, and she burst into tears. She was like 'I can't believe that this is the world now..." Said one person after seeing the clip.

The high school student has been charged by officials on felony animal cruelty charges but since he was under 18 at the time it is quite likely he will only be charged as a minor and face a much less severe punishment.

Officials shouldn't be so easy to let him off the hook. Mr. Haile and his friend's actions were disgusting and premeditated and show they knew exactly what they were doing. They should be punished accordingly.

Please sign the petition and tell Stanislaus County officials that you support the prosecution of the animal abusing Mr. Haile and that you believe he should be punished to the full extent of the law.
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