• par: Leonie E
  • destinataire: Lidl and Aldi

Yesterday I lived every parents worst nightmare. I was shopping in Lidl with my son Noah my grandfather, sister and my neice. Children being the busy bees they are, running around the place, I decided to put Noah in the trolley in the seating area provied for children/babies.

But as most of you will know Lidl and Aldi do not have straps in their trolleys. As I turned for just a second to look at items Noah had climbed and fallen out of the trolley cracking his head open. I have never seen so much blood in my life. I screamed for help, I was living a nightmare, my poor baby, everything happened so quick.

I wouldn't want any parent to have the fear we all had yesterday so I just wanted to put it out there, be mindful about these trolleys. How are you meant to get your shopping from the shelves while constantly looking at your child? I can honestly say I will never ever use these trollies again. Every parent knows how busy children can be. Things happen in seconds, so safety belts should be fitted to secure your child.

After a night up Glangwilli hospital, a glued head and monitoring, our beautiful brave boy is home and is on the mend thank god, I definitely did count my lucky stars last night. I just can't thank everyone enough: Lidls team you were all amazing and quick helping, even down to the customers that helped, also to the ambulance medical team and my family, I'm forever grateful for all your wounderful help.

Please sign this petition to get Lidl and Aldi to put trolly straps on their trollies. I wouldn't want another family to go through what we went through yesterday. I dread to think, it could be fatal.

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