Florida Panthers Are Dying Preventable Deaths. The State Must Act!

  • par: Care2 Team
  • destinataire: Florida Department of Transportation and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

The recent uptick in Florida panther deaths is tragic -- and preventable. With 12 panthers already lost to vehicle collisions in 2023, and a heartbreaking total of 293 fatalities since 2014, it's clear that immediate action is required by the state of Florida to protect these endangered animals.

Sign the petition to urge the Florida Department of Transportation and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to implement measures to prevent further road fatalities of Florida panthers!

The deaths of these panthers, including the two young males found recently highlight a critical issue: our roads are deadly for wildlife. Florida panthers, once roaming freely across the Southeastern United States, now face the threat of extinction, with only 120-230 remaining in the wild. The leading cause of their deaths is collisions with vehicles.

The survival of the Florida panther is not just an environmental concern but a moral imperative. These animals are a vital part of Florida's ecosystem and heritage. Protecting them goes beyond preserving a species; it's about maintaining the balance of our natural world.

Sign the petition to call for enhanced wildlife corridors, improved road signage, and stricter speed limits in areas known to be panther habitats.

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