Demand the jackass pundit be fired for calling for the eradication of trans people!

During the recent CPAC conference, Daily Wire host Michael Knowles called for the "eradication of transgenderism from public life entirely," an inevitable and appalling escalation of the right-wing's anti-trans bigotry into openly genocidal rhetoric.

Knowles immediately responded to the immediate backlash by complaining that quoting his own words was "libelous" and claimed that he only meant, the "ideology" of "transgenderism" (which is not a thing).

Kick Michael Knowles off social media!

But trans activists were quick to point out the obvious — "eradicating" trans identity means eradicating who trans people are. "If you eliminate the thing that makes trans people trans, you are eliminating trans people," journalist Katelyn Burns tweeted. "If you force trans people to not be trans than you are getting rid of trans people. You do not have to kill trans people to eradicate them."

Knowles has long been an outspoken white nationalist and anti-LGBTQ bigot who should not have a platform to spread his hateful ideas anywhere.

Demand Michael Knowles be fired for calling for the eradication of trans people!

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