Demand The Removal of Commissioner And Wife Beater Dean Stanford

Leon County Texas commissioner Dean Stanford plead guilty to beating and choking his wife after being confronted regarding his affair with another elected official.

He has only received a slap on the wrist as "punishment" but he has lost the respect of his constituents and can no longer uphold the moral and ethical standards his position of elected official demands.

Ironically, this "man" signed a proclamation designating October Domestic Violence Awareness month. He has made a mockery of the law and should not be allowed to hold this office.   

Election time is coming for him and all those who have supported him or not should demand his resignation. We will remember that come election time!

Enough is enough. It stops here. No more victims. No more good ole boys club! 

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If you wish to attend Commissioner’s court, it will be held October 31st at 9. Please call Judge Byron Ryder’s office at 903 536-2331. You can request 3 minutes to give your opinion and ask Commissioners Sullivan, Ferguson, and Grimes along with Judge Ryder, where they stand on this and if they will sign the petition to remove Dean Stanford from office.
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