Fight To Bring King Home

D'Karious Kingston (King) was wrongfully removed from his mother LaJade Evans's care by Shands Hospital in Gainesville Florida and CPS. Shands Hospital prescribed the wrong medication for D'Karious and mom gave it to him not knowing it would cause serve problems to his kidneys. The medication is called Keflex. Mom was arrested and taken into custody on child neglect charges. Since the removal LaJade has been trying to gain custody of her son but CPS has not allowed that to happen. LaJade was never given a case plan after the case worker Mickeala Bailey told her to take a psychological test to determine one. D'Karious's biological family was never given the option for placement and when trying to get placement for him CPS has blocked them from every angle. There have been false reports made based on D'Karious's health and false allegations made regarding the mother. The mother has been racial profile and treated as if she's less of a human because of the color of her skin. The mother's rights have been terminated to unfair and unjustified because of a connection between the judge and the foster family being friends. The mother's rights have been violated and the child's rights have been violated. Something needs to be done. An investigation need to happen and a retrial for the mother. This mother deserves a fair chance at gaining custody of her son back.

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