Tell Texas not to retaliate against Kate Cox for leaving the state to get a safe abortion!

Texas woman Kate Cox has just had to flee the state to get a safe abortion. The Texas court would have rathered her wait out her high-risk pregnancy, putting Cox at risk. Seeing the pregnancy to term could have had fatal consequences, leaving her family to pick up the pieces. The fetus, diagnosed with Trisomy 8, would have had less of a 10% chance of surviving past their first birthday. 

Kate Cox didn't make this decision lightly, no one does. Cox's decision was one for her family, for her unborn child, for herself — and her decision to pursue the court is one that will have a massive impact on abortion rights in America. She needs to be protected from any type of retaliation Texas may send her way.

Add your name to demand Kate Cox be protected following her abortion!

Texas has taken every opportunity to slow down Cox's abortion, from court delays to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton threatening Cox's physician with civil and criminal penalties as substantial as a first-degree felony prosecution and $100,000 fines. This is a real time consequence of the extremist agenda.

Reproductive autonomy is crucial. It's life or death. Until that freedom is available from coast to coast, it's our duty to protect those who have to fight for their own. 

Sign your name to tell Texas to leave Kate Cox alone!

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