Tell Republicans to let Hunter Biden testify publicly

Republicans have been obsessed with Hunter Biden over the past 4 years, launching countless "investigations" and concocting wild conspiracy theories about what's on his laptop, all in the hopes of finding some reason to impeach President Biden. 

They even issued Hunter Biden a subpoena to testify before the House Oversight Committee, and Hunter agreed – under one condition: that the testimony be made public, so everyone can hear what Republicans ask, what Hunter responds, and just how ridiculous this "investigation" is. 

And that's exactly what Republicans DO NOT want.  After being called on his BS, Republican committee Chair James Comer now insists the testimony be private, so Republicans can edit it, distort it, and mislead the public from behind closed doors. 

If Republicans want to depose Hunter Biden so badly, they should do it in public, so the American people can see what a sham this all is. Join us in telling Republicans: Let Hunter Biden testify publicly! >>

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