This Nashville Cop Almost Hit a School Bus, Fled, and Never Reported the Incident

  • par: Care2 Team
  • destinataire: Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security Jeff Long
School should be a safe place for children to learn, grow, and explore. And students should be able to get to and from school safely, including those who take the bus.

That means not getting almost hit by police officers needlessly running red lights. And yet that's exactly what happened in Nashville, Tennessee this June when a state trooper recklessly ran a red light, barely missed hitting a school bus, and drove away immediately, never reporting the incident.

Sign now to demand this trooper have his license revoked!

Imagine finding out that your child was injured on the way to school because a careless cop decided to run a red light for no good reason. Any parent would be understandably infuriated -- and this devastating situation was avoided only through sheer luck of the trooper.

The trooper was disciplined afterwards… with a single day of no pay. One. Single. Day.

To make matters worse, the trooper's file shows that earlier this year, he struck a concrete barrier in a parking lot, resulting in over $800 worth of damages. How has this man never been held accountable for his reckless driving?

Police officers are expected to serve and protect their communities, and state troopers do so largely in their cars. Sign the petition now to tell Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security Commissioner Jeff Long: this man is clearly unfit to drive -- revoke his license!
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