Taylor Swift Tickets Will Cost You $8k Because of the TicketMaster Monopoly.

End the TicketMaster monopoly!

Ticketmaster was already a huge company and a big part of the live event market (controlling 82% of the market pre-2007) when the Department of Justice approved a merger between them and Live Nation in 2010. Thus, a monopoly was created and everyone has been suffering since. Now, there is a massive secondary market, also controlled by Ticketmaster. That is how we ended up with Taylor Swift tickets going for $8k in Chicago.

The average fan cannot afford that price -- especially as we continue to enter a recession!

Ticket prices have gone up as much as 75% since the pandemic began. Live events are community building, recreation is critical for our mental and physical health. But when companies like Ticketmaster are allowed to jack up prices such that only the wealthy can afford them, it's harming society. 

There's no way to justify this horrendous price gauging -- and it's all due to TicketMaster's profit-fixated monopoly. This has to end! Sign now if you want the government to take action on this live event monopoly and allow for healthy competition to help drive down prices!

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