This New Year's, Resolve to Keep Resisting in 2018!

2017 was an undeniably tough year, but there were also plenty of inspirational moments, thanks to brave activists like you who fought to resist Donald Trump's dangerous agenda. Through daily actions, both large and small, we worked hard to protect our civil rights, the environment, and democracy in general.

As the new year approaches, it's important to take a moment and celebrate our accomplishments, but also to recommit ourselves to resisting whatever assaults on freedom come next.

Chances are you're already doing some of these things, but why not make New Year's resolutions to do all of them in 2018? Please sign this petition and commit to resisting in the new year, and share with your friends so they can do the same.

In 2018, I resolve to:

  1. Subscribe to a newspaper in order to support journalism and to stay well-informed, avoiding the fake news and echo chamber traps of social media.
  2. Follow more diverse media to hear viewpoints that challenge my own so that I can have informed discussions with family members, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances with different viewpoints.
  3. Show up to protests, marches, and rallies to stand up for human rights and human decency in solidarity with others.
  4. Call my elected representatives to stop harmful bills from passing.
  5. Be an ally to women, communities of color, LGBTQ+, immigrants, and other groups targeted by this administration.
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