Protect the night: Save lives with fentanyl overdose prevention tools in Milwaukee's nightclubs

    Milwaukee is facing a severe opioid overdose crisis, exacerbated by the fentanyl epidemic. Thousands of Milwaukee residents have died from overdoses and many of those who died didn't realize they were taking fentanyl. As a result, the City of Milwaukee has introduced overdose prevention tools, including free Narcan and fentanyl testing strips.

    While these resources are available in public health centers and non-profits, their presence in nightclubs could significantly reduce the number of fatal overdoses. Providing test strips and Narcan in nightclubs, at no cost to the venues, offers a unique opportunity to save lives and combat the epidemic directly where it can be most effective.

    Since the start of the opioid crisis, more 500,000 Americans have died from overdoses. Preventing further deaths will take collective effort, including support from Milwaukee's nightlife community. Let's make our nightclubs safer and protect our community by ensuring these essential resources are readily available!
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