End the Cruelty to Betta Fish by Pledging to shop elsewhere for your Pet Supplies starting today!!

By signing this petition you pledge to no longer purchase any of your pet's supplies at stores that sell Betta fish because you cannot stomach seeing the way they are treated.

Walk into a Petco, PetSmart, Pet Supplies Plus and Meijer...

What you will see is a Betta fish being kept in a small plastic container with barely enough space to swim around.

They just float there- in that tiny little space. It is pure cruelty to keep a living thing alone like that.

When asked why they are treated like this .. Why not give them a bigger space to swim in?

Really there isn't much of response from these pet stores. The response is "we can't put them together in tanks with other fish because they will eat them.. "because they're Betta fish. That's what Betta fish do."

These stores just want to profit off of these unique fish and respond with a poor excuse like that.

They should put more money into adequate care for these fish or just not keep them at all.

They can't swim properly
They are often found dead
Or obviously depressed.

Keeping them like that increases stress, lowers immunity and rots their fins.
The truth is to keep a Betta fish you need minimum of 5 gallons and a filter and heater to survive.

It's pretty stunning that these giant pet supply stores would have a problem investing into life saving care of the pets they're selling!!!

Shop online for your pet supplies!
It's much cheaper anyway.

Shop at a local store near you.

It's very very very easy to not support these chains and have all your pets needs taken care of.

Please make the pledge.

Peace and Love

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