Save programs for special needs adults

  • destinataire: Valley Mountain Regional Center, California
We are losing a valuable program called the " patch program," which entitles the developmental & physically delayed adults in day pograms a 1:1 aid for assistance. These programs are vital in assisting with behaviors and physical concerns. Most are in a 3:1 ratio and require more assistance, however aids are not financially available and make less then minimum wage, creating a huge loss in day programs.

It is vital that those who need more assistance also be allowed to learn home skills and job skills the best they can. Until recently this was cut from the budget, and many consumers were left with no placement. Their quality of life is not to sit and wait for something to hopefully come along.

My daughter, Ashley is one who has no place to attend. Simply because she needs a little more help during her day. Please sign this petition asking to reinstate the Patch Program. I will send all signatures to Valley Mountain Regional Center. They need to hear our voice! Thank you.
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