Demand a Refund For Trump's Golf Vacations

  • par: Rebecca G.
  • destinataire: President Donald J. Trump

America deserves a refund.

Since becoming President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump has spent nearly a third of his time at a Trump-branded property and as many as 21 days playing golf on the taxpayer dime. In fact, he is on track to be America's "golf-iest" president ever.

That's not working — it's a taxpayer-subsidized permanent vacation! But the president isn't just shirking his duties by spending so much time on the links. He's running up a pretty hefty tab for taxpayers too.

The conservative group Judicial Watch estimates that each trip to a Trump property costs US taxpayers about $1 million — money taken from the treasury not for the sake of the country, but to promote the Trump brand. Each trip's cost could pay for…

- Nearly 167,000 more meals through the Meals on Wheels program

- 267 more Pell Grants for higher education

- A year's worth of early childhood education and nutrition for 132 more children through the Head Start program

Instead, America is paying our president to play golf and build his global brand. This shameless corruption is an insult to every hard working American and an embarrassment to the country.

That's why we are calling on President Donald J. Trump to immediately refund all payments issued to Trump properties for services rendered during his presidency back to the US Treasury.

Our money could be far better spent than subsidizing the Trump family's garrish luxury. Tell Trump to get back to work! But first, pay us back for these golf club shenanigans

Photo credit: Golf News Net

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