DCF workers needs to be held ACCOUNTABLE instead of just being FIRED

    DCF workers needs to be held accountable for false documents and harassing families without no intentions to help. DCF worker harassed my family getting my kids taken over false documents made by the DCF worker, after we made a report on the DCF worker causing her to be suspended she came back with all intentions to get my kids. The DCF worker also had made reports with fake emails to doctors, therapist etc. DCF workers documents needs to be reviewed heavenly by higher powered authority or administration so that if he or she whose submitting them are actually taking the correct steps by policy before taking kids. Also DCF administration and authority needs to have enough knowledge and understanding about documents that just don't seems right and stop just assuming that the DCF worker did everything they supposed to do before signing off documents that causes trauma to families and kids by taking them away from there mother's, father's, and siblings, without giving the mother's and father's the opportunity to have their kids living with family before being placed in foster care.
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