Animal Control Strongly Needed Back in Waller County, Texas.

    Waller County did have the funds after all! Please let your commissioners and the Judge's know that what they are doing now, (utilizing the Sheriff dept), is clearly not working and is no longer acceptable! Waller County has a severe animal dumping problem, unwanted litters, strays and owned pets running amuck. Some that have been potential nuisance to the rest of the community, via attacking other animals, etc. We have animals that are not cared for or housed properly. The owners, especially in the cities/towns, need to be held accountable on the leash laws. We need Wesley Dale and Olivia back! They cared and worked very hard with rescue groups on behalf of the stray animals. All of Waller County, needs a strong Animal Control backing them. The animals need them too. A voice for the voiceless. Please speak out, let your voice be heard!
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